Anthony Dallmann-Jones

Wisconsin Artist 2014

About Me

My goal is quite simple: To induce a state of awe in our patrons (like saying “WOW!!” each time they see piece) – made especially for their large and high ceiling walls in homes, lobbies, and offices.  My offerings for AnthonyDJones Gallery of Fine Wall Art currently come in two art forms for wall spaces: 

1 – Light Sculptures; and, 2 – Original Paintings.

That art is a necessity, is a fact. Creativity is central to every great culture. The arts, especially, are keepers of that culture’s values, the very glue of “together.” 

Anthony Dallmann-Jones’ art reflects a strong relationship with ancient forms and color – made possible by new technology. The most ancient of physically regulated forms is the circle or ellipse – the orbits of the planets, the spinning of a galaxy. In a Light Sculpture we have the most primeval presence of all: Light. The first four words from God’s mouth, Grandma Jones said, were, “Let there be light!” Is there a deeper archetypal form than that?? On the other hand, there is modern NASA technology that invented dichroic film – the same film that makes possible Light Sculptures (also called Light Paintings). NASA utilized dichroic film to coat astronauts’ helmets to protect them from – what else? – sun LIGHT – forming yet another circle. Light Art appeals to our deepest nature revealed by an involuntary and reflexive exclamation, “WOW!” upon seeing it.

Within this framework, Dr. DJ strives to enrich each wall art project with breath-taking beauty that arouses a sense of primitive human longing for visible light externally, and dynamically arousing the drive for enlightenment internally, all curiously and creatively embedded in a matrix … oh, just watch these short vids. 

Then please go read his blogs on wall decor…you will learn things you never dreamed of!

Dr Dj About
Dr. Dallmann-Jones created and installed one of his iconic light sculptures in my Palm Beach, Florida, condo. We have a 16 foot high ceiling wall space and his Light Sculpture looked like the perfect fit. From the outset, Dr. Jones worked with me in designing an overall scheme for the installation, from the preparation of the wall space to the colors that I desired to emphasize to coordinate with my home's wall space. His color palate, and his execution of the resulting plans were nothing short of flawless. He is clearly the leader in this field of art. His innovations, from the development of the virtually invisible brackets he uses to install his customized glass pieces to the new four-watt light source that triggers the dynamic, almost unbelievable, effect of his light sculpture - these and many other refinements set Dr. DJ apart from any other artist in the market. Wish you could see the look on the faces of the first visitors to my home after Dr. DJ’s installation. I am a collector of art, as are many of my friends. Two very accomplished contemporary art collectors came over to see my new addition. Their wide-eye amazement was all I needed so see.
Charles J. Lindsay
Palm Beach, FL
Your wonderful piece is here and is absolutely gorgeous! Bravo! It is exactly what I wanted even down to the texture and sheen. I very much appreciate it and so does my wall space!
I have been waiting to find someone to do this for almost a year now. Thanks a bunch!
Lavi Nissim, MD
Scottsdale, AZ

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