Light Sculptures (aka Light Paintings) are explosions of exciting and inspiring color – a combination of specially laminated, metallicized glass attached with Lucite brackets and energized, amazingly, by a single white beam of light. The glass may be grouped within a 48” area but the light rays can be stretched up to 20+ feet in any direction. The brilliant, multi-colored rays’ hues, tones, density, and dimensions are Dr. DJ’s brushstrokes and the canvases are the walls and ceilings of home foyers, business waiting rooms, store windows, and above living room mantles, bedroom headboards, and located on outdoor patios and building facades. Each one is tailor-made, created uniquely for each home or business. They come in variations of three forms. Each Light Sculpture begins with a conversation. Start that conversation with Dr. DJ at ! [Price varies for each piece. Cost is based on the size of the Light Sculpture, the amount of labor required in both construction and mounting of the work on location (if required), number, size, grinding, drilling of glass pieces, equipment needed, shipping, and location. We are about 3 months out now for orders, so please call as soon as possible to get your Light Sculpture into the que! Note: A deposit is required at the time of the order being formally agreed upon.]

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