Decorating with Large Wall Art – Great Ideas and Why You Should Care!

What should you do with your tall walls?

By Dr. DJ, your large wall art expert!

OMG! What am I going to do with these tall walls – empty, staring, at me?*

In a previous article I mentioned that I may have discovered just why we think it so fashionable to have those large white wall spaces lacking decorating in our offices, homes and apartments!

Proposed Reason: (Well, ONE reason, at least) We look to fashion mags, home decorating sites, etc., as our role models about what is fashionable and acceptable. They show large empty wall spaces (usually white or very light colored), not because they look so good, but because they show off what the article is featuring. The walls are background. They do not detract you from noticing the couch they are touting or the lamps they are selling or the carpet being featured. We think, “Well, if Elle shows off BBB* it must be the thing! Me, too!”

But looking at large wall spaces in a mag or on a website is one thing. Living with empty tall walls, or blank high ceiling walls, is quite another thing.

Day in, day out, we have gotten used to it, but trust me, big blank boring walls are no longer “cool” – if they ever truly were. My approach with businesses is much the same. If I could be my real self, I would say, “Uhhhhh, really? You think big white walls are reassuring to people coming into your hospital/offices/lobbies? Do you think they will feel more welcome, assured and confident in your services when met with big sterile walls staring at them? Really??”

But I am polite. And try to be as kind as an artist can be. Because it is not nice to smack people for their ignorance. They do, however, need to wake up a bit and realize the big word: CHOICES!

Why choose to do something with BBB?  Why decorate a large wall with large wall art?

Yes, you WWOs (white wall owners), have choices in ways to make your environments more comfortable, welcoming and reassuring to your guests and clients before you even meet/greet them!

I knew a dentist who had a shelf built into his walls about 14 inches from the ceiling, and a model train roamed around room to room where he had installed track for it to run around the 4 or 5 dental rooms where teeth were cleaned, drilled, filled and pulled. (Not in that order ?.)

So, when someone new to town asked,

“I am looking for a new dentist, any suggestions?” people would say,

“Oh, you gotta go to Dr. Smith, he has a train running around on his ceiling! It is so cool.”

Why such a plus to have a train? Because it makes a statement – and it ain’t about trains, ya know.

It says, “I know it is not fun coming here. I know big blank walls do not make it a more pleasant experience being here, so I have taken the time and spent the money to make this as enjoyable as I can. Welcome!”

You get my drift, right?

[Note: What is my idea of a really great large wall art achievement? Check this out!

Okay! Now we are on the same page. Next blog I will discuss Tips and Ideas for Large Wall Decor, Decorating a Large Wall (or your tall walls, or high ceiling walls, or just BBB! Lol)

Til next time,

Dr. DJ

Your expert on what to do with those big blank walls.

*Dr. DJ calls these “BBBs” – Big Blank Blah walls

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