Wall Art: Decorating Big White Walls as Decor Controversy

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You know what happened to me? I got into an argument over a wall. I call it wall art. Yes, idiot that I am. Remember the early days of the Internet – when you might say something someone would disagree with on a “bulletin board” discussion – and you would get “flamed” with insults when someone did not agree with you?

One of the first automatic fire creation topics was advertising. Wow, if you tried to market something in a conversation, people came down on you like white on rice. “The Internet is NOT a marketplace!” you were screamed at.

Look at today. More billboards on one website than the total of all the billboards on highway 95 between Chicago and Milwaukee.

But flaming still goes on…just now by email. At least it is one on one, whereas before EVERYONE got to see you being belittled, chewed out, and made to go to the principal’s office. Little did I realize at the time that wall art decor, or high ceiling wall art, was so controversial. Some, yes, but – lately – it is starting to take on religious overtones.

Here are the two polarizing statements on wall art:

  1. Big white walls are pure, uncomplicated, ‘clean and fresh’ (like newly washed bed sheets on the line?).
  2. Big white walls are empty, soulless, and have no personality or character (like a vacant apartment?).


So, where do you stand on this? If you HAD to choose one or the other?

 Some of the positive viewers see it as a way to emphasize the people and furnishings.

Some of the negative viewers see the white wall as being a poor example of minimalism, or the current high interest in de-cluttering.

Wall art decor, what to fill your large wall spaces with, using big wall art and large wall art is something we find fascinating.

Our take on it here at A2Z AnthonyDJones.com (and ZakJonesArt.com) is that a large empty wall space is a canvas inviting artistry. We like minimalism but not vacancy.  For example:

We think the picture below looks just a tad busy and, frankly, junked up. The wall has no focal point. It is just a big smear of images. It is supposed to make the wall more interesting, but it basically looks more like boring overload.

Wall art

It is our opinion (and you can accept 20 years in this business or not) this appears as a cluttered, definitely non-art, throwing of a hodge podge pile of stuff in frames, against the wall, hoping it looks okay. Think of the time it took to hang all those! And once up, what are you going to do if it looks like – well, the word crap, comes to mind? You are going to leave it there! Took too much work…and all those nail holes to fill back in, and paint over. Nope, those pics are going to be on that wall forever! That wall décor, if you wish to call it that, is cooked. Done. The end of creativity for that wall.

Now, look at this example of taking a large wall space and placing something in it.

wall art

If you don’t like (That is Zak’s Civilization, by the way) the way this looks after a day or week or month or two, how hard would it be to change it to this?

wall art

Anthony’s Languid Taffy

Don’t even have to move the nail!

And you still have that minimalist look, if that is what you want on your large wall space.

One piece of wall art decor on your tall wall or big white wall space can make all the difference, and it is much easier to change out.

Your comments welcome! Address to them to Anthony@DrD-J.com



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