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What should you do with your tall walls?

What should you do with your tall walls?

Big blank or high ceiling walls are – let’s face it – b.o.r.i.n.g.!

So, there you are in your new or remodeled condo or office – and you have decided that you are not going to have those large white walls everywhere resembling hospital décor. That look is OVER for you, right? Puts you to sleep. Your guests go unconscious from ”white out” and there they are, lying on the floor. Embarrassing.

It can be quite a challenge to decorate those soaring ceilings and Titanic-like walls. Do you have to give up the comfortable look just because expansive white walls are “modern” or “trendy”?

Melisa LaBancz-Bleasdale, Houzz Contributor authored an article 10 Decorating Ideas for Tall Wall décor for Forbes magazine.

Guess what her first four suggestions were? Give up? They were right out of the AnthonyDJones.com book on upscale, high-ceiling, and large wall art solutions!

The 4 Top Tips on Solving the Tall Wall
(according to Melisa)

  1. Size up: One of the easiest ways to warm up a tall wall is to scale up the artwork to match it. Depending on the space and its dimensions you can use large horizontal pieces or massive square ones that kill the emptiness and empower the space, without overpowering the room.
[Where can I buy large wall art for my tall walls you may ask? Looking for tall wall art? Well, check out our selection of light ray photographs and fine art prints!]

2. Hang vertical artwork: A perfect complement to tall walls is vertical artwork, such as a single bold image, or a large gallery wall grouping.

3. Use bold colors: Utilizing vivid colors in your vertical art will take guests’ eyes upward, creating more intimacy and connectedness.

4. Consider installations: A contemporary installation is a great way to connect your extra height to the rest of the interior, creating enough interest and variation such that the wall doesn’t require any other decor. (An AnthonyDJones Light Sculpture might be just the ticket if you’ve been asking yourself what to put on my tall walls)!

We never met Melisa but it is like she was writing for AnthonyDJones.com – as these four suggestions are not only our prescription for what ails your large blank walls, but also perfectly fit our mission: Put WOW! in the mind of every viewer of our art.

Free personalized service

AnthonyDJones Fine Wall Art offers the free service of placing a digital likeness of up to 3 pieces of art selected from our site onto a digital photo of your home, office or lobby wall that you submit to us. That way you can see how it will appear prior to your purchasing it.

See these great examples of adding art to your high ceilings using our Light Ray Photographs!

What should you do with your tall walls?

                                  Tony’s Wall Before 
What should you do with your tall walls?
Tony’s Wall After
What should you do with your tall walls?
Regina’s Wall Before
What should you do with your tall walls?
Regina’s Wall After

Check out Our Art Your Walls! on the site.

Many have argued that “hanging a wall is a science. It is also an art. Judith came into our gallery. She was looking at one of my large pieces that was about 84″ in length and 48” wide. Judith was a professor at University of Wisconsin and our State Street Gallery was on her way home. When I asked her if I could help, she said, “I have a tall wall dilemma.” I looked at the piece. “Well, hopefully, it is a wide wall dilemma as well.” Judith was a true art collector, as I discovered visiting her condo overlooking Lake Mendota in Madison, Wisconsin.

I had rolled up the painting and after the gallery closed drove to her condo, was let in by the doorman and proceded to the penthouse. the elevator opened into her condo as it was the whole top floor. Her place was stunning! Most notable were two ancient Egyptian statues of seated royalty from a long bygone era. They were massive and I wondered if they had fit onto the elevator…or a crane lowered them through a trapdoor in the ceiling. lol.

She had big spaces…sweeping glass views of the lake, as well as the State Capitol Building, and downtown Madison. My painting would have looked wonderful there, but it was not to be. She may have, indeed, had tall walls (and wide ones) but they were already covered with art, and it appeared to me that she was unwilling to remove enough of it to make room. I backed her in her decision.

And this is where the art vs. science becomes applicable. Scientifically, there would have been room. With mathematic precision, one could measure the new art, then measure the necessary wall space. Then remove “anything in the way” but that would just not have been the artistic thing to do. She had so carefully spaced pieces that intrinsically worked together that it would have been a crime to hack into it just to make room for a sale. Further, there was not one abstract piece in the whole condo.

I made a graceful exit. [NOTE: See that piece here in the next blog.]

So, what should you do with your tall walls? Speak with someone who understands your needs, gets a grasp of where you are and where you want to go with art, and will help YOU not just their sales. Once you find someone you can trust, then hang onto them for dear life…as they are hard to discover.

Judith stopped in my gallery numerous times after that first meeting and bought numerous pieces (and some of our best wines) and told me several times that she was impressed that I did not try to “sell her” – as opposed to helping her maintain her attractive home.


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