Zak Jones


About Me

If you find yourself asking the question, “Where in the world can I buy impressive large wall art for high ceilings from someone who understands my situation?” we provide you with that right place. Look no further than large wall art services, because we have successfully been filling large wall spaces with phenomenal art for over a decade now.

Zak has had five solo shows, three father and son exhibits, has been in over 30 exhibits, and is a featured artist at Michelangelo’s Gallery in Madison, Wisconsin. Due to his unique and exciting style, Zak has been collected by patrons across the United States. He was co-owner of State Street Gallery in Madison, Wisconsin, and  co-founder, as well as member, of the infamous Awarehouse Art Colony. Zak currently lives in his studio no matter where it is, but currently he resides in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

I create by digesting the significant events encountered in my life and exploring the deepest recesses of my rarely reachable subconscious. The goal of my artistic interpretations is for the viewer to share in the magnitude of these experiences for themselves the same way I have.

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